Hypnosis for Kids

Children face many of the same problems that adults face, but they are far less able to articulate those problems or identify ways to solve them. Many of these problems will pass as the child grows and matures, but some problems persist for longer than is healthy for the child. In children as young as six years old. hypnotherapy can be a gentle, natural way to help the child move beyond these early challenges.

Children are especially good candidates for hypnotherapy since they are more suggestible and therefore more open to hypnosis. The child’s mind is always learning and is not as ready to reject new information as is the mind of an adult. Often, children respond to hypnotherapy and show improvement in the issues addressed more quickly than adults.

For children, hypnotherapy can be used to address a myriad of issues, some unique to childhood and others that are part of the human experience. For example, the technique can be used to address bed-wetting, thumb-sucking or childhood shyness. School is a large part of a child’s life and can cause stress in the areas of learning, concentration, homework or interaction with peers. All of these can be approached and often solved through hypnosis. It can also help a child with building confidence, dispelling fears such as fear of the dark and dealing with loss or grief.

For a child, overcoming problems such as bed-wetting or thumb-sucking can be very empowering. Conquering these and other issues will not only make the child happier, but also reduce stress for the parents.

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