We all know those people who are confident no matter what the situation. They can walk into a business meeting, a party or an entirely new situation and exude ease and confidence. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have the tools to approach situations in that manner.

Why do some people lack confidence? It may be the way we were treated as we grew up. Perhaps we were bullied in school or experienced past trauma. We may be spending a lot of time comparing ourselves to our perception of others and focusing on our own shortcomings rather than our strengths. Or we may worry that we will say or do the wrong thing, wear the wrong clothes or standout for some negative characteristic we see on ourselves.

Lack of confidence can result in not showing ourselves in the best light at work, in social settings or in a relationship. This creates a vicious circle in which we doubt our abilities, act in a manner that does not showcase our abilities, consequently are not recognized for our abilities resulting in doubting our abilities.

Using hypnotherapy, we can learn to not listen to our thinking brain and let our subconscious guide us to know that we are as capable, as likable and as worthy of success as anyone else.

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