Past Lifes

Sometimes, we have a fear, a concern or a problem that we simply cannot explain. We do not know where the problem came from or what triggered the fear, but we cannot rid ourselves of the uncomfortable feeling that something within us has caused us to feel as we do. Until the source of this feeling is identified, it is almost impossible to overcome it. The answer may be in a past life.

Many people believe that we have lived previous lives and have looked to hypnosis to discover those experiences and events from our past lives that influence who we are and how we deal with our daily lives.

Through hypnotherapy, you can bridge from a current life problem to something that occurred in a past life. Once the connection is identified, the current problem may be resolved by identifying and nullifying the source of the problem in the past. A hypnotherapist is training in helping you reach into your hidden past lives and finding the answers you seek.

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