Pain Management

What is the difference between acute pain and chronic pain? Acute pain occurs after an injury or as part of a disease or illness. Acute pain generally ceases once the condition is resolved. Chronic pain is defined as pain the lasts more than 12 weeks. It may initially be caused by an injury, but it does not resolve itself as acute pain does.

For those who live with chronic pain, every day can be an ordeal. Chronic pain can not only limit one’s activities, but also affect one's psychological state, resulting in irritability, anger, depression, and difficulty concentrating. The psychological side effects of living with chronic pain can be as debilitating as the pain itself.

Doctors can prescribe drugs, either oral or injected, to relieve the pain. The next step is physical therapy and finally, in some cases, surgery to correct an underlying condition. But what happens when none of these approaches work? When the drugs prescribed create other problems even leading to addiction, or when the surgery fails to reduce the pain?

This is the time to look for a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical alternative to dealing with the pain and regaining the life you desire. By redirecting the mind from the pain, hypnotherapy allows suffers to manage and live with chronic pain.

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